hairdo’s for all you yogini’s and long haired hippies.

Are you tired of fixing your bun or pony tail when it’s time for rabbit pose?  Rearranging that sweaty mess on top of your head as quickly as the teacher calls for savasana is incredibly challenging and by the time you finally redo your do’ you’ve missed the next posture! Or have you ever replaced your bun and now it’s too low so it’s bothering the back of your head while you’re lying down?  You’ve lost 20 seconds of relaxation and have taken away the medical benefits you could have received in stillness, all because you simply didn’t prep your hair before class.  Here at Chikum we love long locks and before you decide to chop them off please hear our solution we have for you!  Here are some stylish and comfortable braids that take less than 5 minutes and you won’t have to bother with your hair in class anymore!  What you’ll need are some bobby pins, clear elastics (or whichever colour you prefer) a hairbrush and a cup of patience.

The Braid A basic braid is the easiest one to do and you can wear it almost anyway you want.  You can do a 3 strand braid or a 4 strand braid when you’re ready.  Here is a short tutorial on how to do a 4 strand braid.  A milk maid braid works great with a 3 strand braid.  (skip the curling and product part, you won’t be needing it!)

The French Braid There are many ways to make a basic french braid.  If you’ve never learned how to do one, Lauren Conrad will show you how!  Once you’ve learned how to french braid you can decide whether you want to wear it on the side, in a circle, inverted, tuck it under, wear a braid on each side, wear a milk maid braid, or wear it in the front, which is great if you have bangs and struggle with keeping them out of your face.

The Fishtail Braid This braid is my personal favourite and I find it easier than the french braid.  Here’s how to make a pretty fishtail braid.  Again you can style it any way you want!   I find with this braid I get the most compliments and i simple.

Have fun braiding and if there are any hairstyles that have helped you with keeping your hair out of your face and in place during your workout, we’d love to hear from you!

Xo Chikum


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