Couples Yoga <3

If you and your partner both love yoga, (or if one is still hesitating to try yoga) couples yoga is a great way to encourage a deeper level of intimacy with one another.  Life can be so busy at times, so you can catch up on your wellness, your mate, and be playful.  It’s such a great feeling to know that your partner is there for you physically and mentally, as yoga requires awareness to be in the present moment.  To be able to fall into your man’s strong arms requires trust, and to feel your woman’s bendy spine rolling against your back, helps alleviate your own back pain.  Both people can connect and share their bodies with one another in a form other than sexually.  It’s also a great way to practice patience as gentleness is required to make sure each posture flows and that no one gets hurt.  Partner’s yoga increases satisfaction in your sexual life, helps to release stress, increases core strength, improves flexibility, generates energy and gives you the opportunity to know your partner in a new and creative way.


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