DIY Hanging Driftwood Workout Tracker!

Whilst browsing through the blogosphere, I stumbled upon this beautiful, inspiring, and extremely motivational piece of art that I think Chikum’ers will appreciate. So get your creative vibes flowin’ and grab some driftwood, paint, beads, some twine, a hammer and have some fun! Every bead that you put on the tracker represents 1 workout and each string represents 1 week.  The more beads you add to your tracker, the more beautiful it will be! It’s also a great way to keep track if you’re doing a 30 day challenge!  Even if you’re doing a 90 day challenge get a larger piece of wood and add some more string and beads and go crazy!  You can also start from scratch with your current tracker or even use different colours and make a new one.

photo credits by Free People.


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