DIY: Terrarium

Remember when you were a kid and raised Sea Monkeys?  Well unfortunately they’re not quite as aesthetically pleasing now that you’re older, however terranium’s ARE and they can still bring you that joy!   Build your own terrarium and you’ll love watching it grow.  Even if you are forgetful at watering your plant you can opt for the ol’ fashioned cactus to keep things simplified!

Here’s what you’ll need!    First you’ll need to decide where your little terrarium is going to live.  Choose from a milk bottle, a vase, fish bowl or even use a lightbulb and be sure to stick to glass as it will look better!  If you have the extra cash Assembly New York Geometric Terrariums are amazing!

* Jar etc.
* Gravel, rocks, sand etc.
* Dried moss (grab from your garden or in the woods)
* Soil
* Live moss, plants etc.

Now putting it together is simple and fun.  First place the rocks on the bottom; second the dried moss, third; the soil, and then finally the live moss!  I wouldn’t use the moss if you want a cactus terrarium, just add more gravel in replace of the moss.  Be creative with your new plant friend and add some tiny figurines in there or artificial flowers to brighten things up.  Be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight as it could overheat and only water once a week.


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