Be Aware

Being aware can be tough at times but that’s why it just takes practice.  The next time you go outside, be aware of the way your body moves as you walk down the street and feel how the indian summer breeze brushes on your skin.  When you’re aware you’re living in the present moment and that’s where you can experience all the beauty life has to offer, in all the small things.  Sometimes it’s the small things that can upset us the most if we let them.  I remember one day (a very emotional one) that I actually burst into tears because I dropped the egg that I was going to cook with and it splattered on the floor!  I can laugh about it now, but in that moment I was being so critical of all the things that were going wrong in my day that that single free range egg on my kitchen floor made me loose my cool.  Try to take yourself out of a situation where you’re feeling negative or dwelling on something and ask yourself, why am I feeling this way?  Sometimes you might even be able to laugh at yourself.  Usually the answer isn’t as justifying as you’d want it to be but once you’re aware of how you’re feeling, that’s when you can switch your thought to a more positive one that will serve you better.  Remember that for every negative thought that slips into your mind you need to smash that little bugger with 10 positive thoughts!  Be strong and be aware of those bad thoughts before they settle in.


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