Nice Day for a Ride

Thank goodness it’s still beautiful outside in Vancouver and what better thing to do than enjoy the day on your bicycle!  There are so many places to discover in this city and it’s always fun to cruise the seawall, stop at the beach and read or listen to a book.  Discover the cobblestone paths of gastown and get a coffee at Revolver.  Cross the beautiful Burrard St bridge and follow the path past Spanish Banks and end up at Wreck Beach with the howling hippies.  Then after a full day of cycling you can grab some food at the savory vegetarian restaurant The Naam. There are so many places to see and an immense amount of beauty to take in.  If you need a quick bike tune up Vancycle is the place to call, as they can come to you and Erik will gladly be of help!
Where’s your favourite place to go on your bike?   And what are some of your favourite secret spots to see?  If you’ve never been to Vancouver before, now is the time to enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in the world!  Come follow me on my bike ride with Vancouver’s very own Godfather’s Of Love


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