Hearty Healing Chicken Soup

As the season’s change, this is the time of the year the sore throat and sniffles start to take into affect if you’re not careful with keeping warm.  Tea and a nice chicken soup are immediate healers to boost the immune system and make you feel like your best self again!  Here is a nice simple chicken soup recipe, to sooth those ache’s and pains.

3 pounds of chicken (I get mine from Pasture To Plate on Commercial Drive)
4 large organic carrots
4 organic celery stalks
1 large onion
1 container of organic Chicken Broth
2 cups of water
Sea Salt and Pepper to taste

1. Chop of up all the vegetables and slice the chicken into small pieces.
2. Put all ingredients in a large pot on the stove, pour in the broth and water then add salt and pepper.
3. Turn stove onto medium high heat and cook for 1 hour, keeping an eye on the soup and stirring about every 15mins.
4. Let cool, serve and enjoy!


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