Give Thanks

What are you thankful for?  Life is hard at times and Thanksgiving is so important to remind us how to live in a constant state of gratitude.  Giving thanks shifts our consciousness to a higher level and increases our happiness, creating peace in our mind, body and spirit.  It not only chemically changes your brain but it changes the world.  Every day someone is dying, you or a loved one is sick, or you just broke a nail on your brand new mani/pedi(#firstworldproblems) and you have to deal with all of it.  You have to try to see the silver lining and it can be incredibly challenging when there are so many things going on that try to steal your peace – just open your eyes to see the all good stuff.

I finally ended a long term relationship with a guy who I thought was the “one”, on top of just getting rejected from my birthright trip to Israel for not being Jewish enough!  But I’m thankful for all of this!  I’m thankful that I don’t have to waste anymore of my precious time on someone who is not worthy of my love and affection.  I can now be open to manifesting someone who wants to be a part of my life, who will give me the royal treatment I deserve by treating me like the princess that I am, and I look forward to one day meeting this prince charming.  I’m thankful that instead of going to Israel, I’m going to London to see my crazy Dad and my dear Nan as well as my best friends in the world since birth, Paige and Megan. I’m thankful that one day when I do decide to go to Israel it will be on my own terms and not on a conversion trip.

I’m thankful for my Mom, my Step-Dad, step brothers, and my beautiful sister and brother-in law.  I’m thankful for Chikum, dark chocolate, clean water and even the cold days that let me stay inside and be productive.  I’m thankful for kombucha, riding a bike, yoga, coconuts, my list could go on forever.  Just lying here on my bed typing in my warm little cottage esque suite – I’m thankful for this space of creativity and silence from the outside world. Be thankful, look around and open your eyes to see what you can appreciate in the present moment. Make a list, or inspiration collage of all the things you’re thankful for so you can look back at it and feel joy.  In the English language, the word “present” has three distinct meanings: “here,” “now” and “a gift.” Think about who you are truly grateful for in your life. Do you realize how happy they will be when you tell them? Gratitude is double happiness because it blesses both the giver and the receiver.  Give thanks.  Be happy.

by : Hillary Ross


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