Do you know your dosha?

You are a unique mini universe, and there is a constant relationship evolving between your internal doshas and the influence of other doshas around you, for example: the weather, the food you eat, the behaviour and nature of those around you, all affect your internal doshic state.  Ayurveda gives you the power to understand these interactions and keep yourself feeling balanced, healthy and calm.

Dosha is a sanskrit word which means “that which spoils, or causes things to spoil”, from this we can understand that the doshas have the propensity to cause disease in the body, this happens when they are aggravated, or out of balance. But there is much more to the doshas than their “spoiling” aspect, the doshas are essential to life, and they govern basic biological functions in the body, such as: movement, metabolism and lubrication. Understand what dosha you are and increase your knowledge of this incredible science of life and learn the art of nurturing your life.

There are 3 different types of Dosha’s Vata, Kapha and Pitta.  To know which dosha you are, take this quiz!

The distribution of the doshas varies from person to person: most people have one or two dominant doshas, there is a type where all three doshas are equally present, Tri-Dosha which is extremely rare.


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