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The Art of Giving

There is more happiness is giving than in receiving.  The more you give, the more you will receive.  No one has ever become poor by giving. These are all familiar phrases used often but do we really understand them?  I feel we often focus too much on the receiving end.  Giving and expecting rather than giving freely.  I am guilty of this especially when it comes to the closest of relationships.  It can be easy to keep tabs on your friends and family, IOU’s or comparing presents with siblings.  What if you were to let all of that go?  Imagine a universe where there will always be a bountiful supply of whatever you need.  There’s no need to worry.  How would that affect your giving?  Now this doesn’t mean you have to go out and give all your money away, although if that’s in your heart, go right ahead – I’m sure you’ll be greatly rewarded.  You can be smart and realistic about giving at the same time.  You don’t even have to give money.  Give a friendly smile, a hug, a nice compliment.  Give a song, a toy, a painting, a poem, give cupcakes, a story, give your time and be an angel in someone else’s eyes.  It all comes back to you. Be sure not to hesitate and wait for it to come back before you give again.  Give generously, especially to the ones that you love the most and especially to you, because you are the most important person in your life.  When you give to yourself, you will have more to give to others.  When you are happy your energy vibrations of contentment, radiate off you and create a rippling effect to those who cross your path and sweeps over them like a peaceful breeze.  Try giving exactly what you want and you might be surprised.  Keep no tabs, or IOU’s as there’s no reason for any of that when you already have everything you need. Don’t hold your treasures locked up in your heart to die with you in your lonely coffin box.  Life is too short to hold back any kind of love for imaginary creatures when the whole world is out there aching to be embraced like a long-awaited lover.

By Hillary Ross